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Product Information

Load From A Disk is the most complete ballistics program on the market. It can determine what type and how much powder to use to develop that perfect round. It can also estimate the chamber pressure and muzzle velocity for the given round at various load densities. With a few mouse clicks you can perform trajectory calculations to find out what the downrange energy, velocity, and knockdown power are plus how long it took the bullet to get there. This software can even provide you with a ballistic coefficient for most of the major bullet manufacturers in an extensive bullet database. And, if the BC is not in the database you can calculate it given some field data or the shape and size of the bullet. The software even comes with some useful utilities to correct the ballistic coefficient for your outside conditions, average a group of velocities, determine your rifle's recoil, or figure out the optimum barrel rifling twist.

We think you'll find that Load From A Disk is an accurate, easy to use, very extensive ballistics package. Once you begin using it, you might wonder how you lived without it. No serious rifle shooter or reloader with a PC should be without this program.

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 [new]   What's New In Version 5.0

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hunter.gif (1079 bytes)Firearm Database

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